Friday, 18 May 2012

A Goal Achieved

While writing down my studying goals for the rest of this month last week, I also wrote down a deadline for my NaNoWriMo 2011 novel's second draft. I have been terribly lazy with it, I must confess, and the editing has taken illegally long, especially because the second draft wasn't meant to be so terribly edited anyway, just in a printable form, without too much typos and grammatical banalities.

The deadline was 31st May, my and Agata's anniversary, and I thought it was reachable. Editing during studying breaks, it sounded like a perfect life for some weeks.

Then yesterday, I overslept but managed to study, and at 10 PM I had a finished second draft saved and proofcopied multiple times. I had advanced with it more than I originally had thought I had, and thus I only had two and a half chapters left to edit. I also printed the whole 96 pages long thing. And while I thought I had lost thousands of words, I had actually gained more than I had lost. That was because I had written an extra scene in.

And so, I had a 60,404 word long second draft in my hands. As long as it took, as absurdly long as it took, I am pleased and ecstatic. I have my first novel draft ever printed at my fingertips for me to continue editing with a brightly coloured pencil.

I can't wait to rewrite it. I have decided to show the third draft to some people, mainly my partner, and I already am anxious to get some kind of feedback in order to work on the fourth draft. But first things first! Studies, third draft, and June's Camp NaNo.


  1. Good luck with your first draft, Hene! I'm working on a second draft at the moment (although my Nano 2011 first draft is shelved for the time being!).

    Happy Anniversary to you and Agata for the 31st too!